Jacob Thompson

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Drummer, vocalist, guitarist, songwriter, Jacob does it all! 


Becca Shrand

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Tubist, vocalist, songwriter, and screen composer, Becca is an avid mycologist! 


Tristan Jantz

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Guitarist, vocalist, songwriter, teacher, always lookin' fly, Tristan's the whole package!


Tristan, Becca, and Jacob all met as classmates at Berklee College of Music. The idea of starting a band together came up while the three were huddled inside the car in the middle of winter, eating crepes in Davis Square, Cambridge. 

Through collaborating on projects together, inside and outside of class, they began to hang out as friends and learn about each other's musical tastes and backgrounds. Despite the diversity of their main instruments (Guitar, Drums, and Tuba) and experience in different genres of music, they are all drawn to the idea of songs that make them feel good and provide the soundtrack for a day well spent with friends. 


In their last year at Berklee, they reached out to their classmate Joe Ras, a guitarist and songwriter who studied Music Production & Engineering, to record a batch of three songs they had written on their own but were not yet fully formed. After many rehearsals and closet vocal recordings, they released their self titled EP on streaming services everywhere. The sound of the EP  is influenced by Jack Johnson, Elliot Smith, and Paramore. 


Couch Beach is currently writing and recording new material.